About Me & SHAMANU

“We are all spiritual beings in a human experience, not the other way around.”

My mission is to initiate more than 1 million souls with my divine frequency, to enlighten their true authentic self and soul purpose and show them, how to raise their consciousness level to reach higher dimensions. Find back home.

My Spiritual and Transformational Coaching, Mentoring and Healer practise is based on many years of personal experience and constant learning and testing of different techniques with implementing them in my daily routines. Going through my own transformational journey and with hundreds of hours of educational training and study of wisdom knowledge, I can now offer a selection of the best techniques and methods in my unique coaching system.

With “The REAL YOU will HEAL YOU”-System you will learn, how to quiet your mind and establish coherence, activate your inner pilot, quantum-empower your brain, see and feel the REAL YOU, walk your path of truth and embrace your inner light and power. All underlined with my unique energy & wisdom.


…is a place where transformative energy, divine frequency and a safe space is in the center of all. It offers powerful support to people who are open for change and willing to go on a personal journey to discover their true divine self and live a more meaningful life, by being the best version of themselves, be authentic and in harmony with body, mind and soul. My divine frequency opens hearts and minds to see with clarity and also feel into the future vision.

…offers you Transformational Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Sustainable Mentoring and Spiritual Healer Support as Master Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine and Cosmic Healing Techniques, also using the field of quantum physics. Based on my cosmic origin, as so called “starseed” and many years of studying of universal cosmology and wisdom knowledge, I can help you with the Navigation through life in this ever changing Universe.

…helps you understand the transformation of humanity, moving into the era of a “New Earth” towards a higher dimensional level and how to find yourself in it. Supports you to get the inner connection to your soul with it’s individual gifts, which you want to use, if you seek for a more prosperous life and deep inner healing. Shows you, how to walk the path of truth on your personal transformation and how to awaken to a higher consciousness level for a fulfilled life.

My story

I always wanted to change the world and I always felt a bit different than others. Extraordinary. My life path shows that I was never afraid to choose the more difficult route, to learn, to challenge myself to get to places, where no one was before and paving the path with a clear pioneer mindset, a lot of courage and full dedication.

So it happened, that I started my health care career right after school with an apprenticeship at the University Hospital as I was and still be, fascinated by the world of medicine, health and healing and built up a 30 years Med Tech Career, working for one of the largest global Med Tech Companies in many different roles in Customer Service, Sales & Marketing and finally reconnected to my soul purpose with the role of the Sustainability Manager.

And: after going on a journey of personal development and awakening for about five years and raising a higher consciousness level and strong connection to my soul, there was a loud calling, to fully dedicate my life to my purpose and live the highest expression of my soul. Being who I really am and using all my capabilities and special soul gifts to serve humanity and the Earth in their transformational process.



I decided to leave my Med Tech Career in 2022 and started my own venture as LifeCoach, Sustainable Mentor and Spiritual Healer to change the world with my Energy Medicine and expertise in working with the meta-physical world.

That’s what SHAMANU stands for: Sustainable Healing And Mentorship And Navigation through the Universe, based on universal wisdom knowledge, my own wisdom, stored in my heart and soul and channeled through meditation and the maps from ancient cultures and traditions along my educational journey in Shamanic Energy Medicine and Universal Cosmology.

My high vibrational level due to daily spiritual practice allows me to easily connect with Earth and Cosmos and all that is and live life from the present moment and be the light and the Visionary for others who seek for direction. Asking powerful questions and using my transformative and inspiring divine energy, opens hearts and minds and helps people see their greater future and empowers them to transform and bring their dreams alive.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Why a transformation in leadership?

The world is constantly evolving and facing new challenges, such as climate change, social inequality, economic instability, and geopolitical tensions. These challenges require a transformation in how we approach and solve them and leadership plays a crucial role in driving this transformation.

Current leadership models have proven to be inadequate in addressing these challenges, as they often prioritize short-term gains over long-term sustainability and fail to consider the needs and perspectives of diverse stakeholders. This has resulted in a lack of trust in leaders and institutions, as well as growing social unrest and environmental degradation.

Therefore, a transformation in leadership is needed to address these challenges and create a more sustainable, equitable, and peaceful world. This transformation should prioritize values such as empathy, collaboration, inclusivity, and a long-term perspective. Leaders who embody these values can build trust, engage diverse stakeholders and drive systemic change towards a more sustainable future.

How does being an authentic leader contribute to a more balanced and healthy life?


Authentic leaders prioritise self-awareness and reflection, which helps them understand their own values, strengths and weaknesses.

By staying true to themselves and their values, they are less likely to experience internal conflicts or burnout from pretending to be someone they are not.

Authentic leaders promote a positive work-life balance for themselves and their followers, emphasising the importance of taking care of physical and mental health. They also create a culture of trust and open communication, which can reduce stress and improve relationships both in and outside of work.

By leading with authenticity, they inspire their followers to do the same, fostering a healthier and more balanced work environment and promoting overall well-being.

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