Energy Medicine

Find back to your divine self, remove toxic energy and activate the holistic keys to renew your health.
Let your soul heal and your chakras be balanced,
that life-force can powerfully flow through you.

“Be the DJ of your life and choose the frequencies,
the music, you love and want to dance with.”


So, where are you right now?
Maybe you have one of these challenges:


  • Feeling energetically drained or even attacked by something
  • Seeing yourself trapped in old, limiting beliefs and blocked to realise change
  • Missing a fulfilled, happy and meaningful life – feeling  burned out
  • Observing repeating family patterns, like karmic cycles showing up
  • Experiencing body pain and dysfunctional organs without medical diagnosis
  • Having breathing issues, no deep breathing possible, not feeling oxygenated
  • Suffering from sadness and grief with or without a known reason
  • Feeling fear of speaking out the truth, showing courage, speaking in public
  • Observing inexplicable sudden changes in your behaviour, feeling strange
  • Overwhelmed with the topic of death or your own near death experience

Time for an energy-reset and activation of your selfhealing power.

Time to reconnect to your soul and higher self, your unique guidance.

Time to get in the most powerful state of being, the divine YOU.

 Here is how you can get there:

  • Having your seven main chakras (energy centers) tested, cleansed, balanced and re-energized
  • Getting parts of your soul back lost in trauma, with a shamanic soul retrieval process
  • Removing toxic energy and intrusive entities from your energy body (pulling back your power)
  • Getting introduced and trained on the Six-Phase-Meditation method by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley
  • Discovering your unique soulgifts  to find your purpose in life and establish an authentic life
  • Learning how to get out of fight-or-flight-mode (survival instinct) to find inner peace and more energy
  • Reconnecting to your soul and inner voice and activate your 3rd eye, your powerful inner leader
  • Making healthier life or food choices or even “grow a new body” (A. Villoldo)
  • Learning how to introduce spirituality into your life and become more intuitive
  • Letting a loved one receive Shamanic death rites for releasing the light body

Promote your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being with Shamanic Energy Medicine

Shamanic energy medicine is a type of healing practice that combines spiritual and energetic principles to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is based on the belief that all things in the universe, including humans, are interconnected and that imbalances in energy can lead to illness and disease.

In shamanic energy medicine, a practitioner works with a client to identify and release any energetic blockages or imbalances in their body, mind and soul. This is done through various techniques such as energy clearing, soul retrieval and chakra balancing.

Energy clearing involves removing negative or stagnant energy from the client’s energy field, while soul retrieval involves bringing back any lost or fragmented parts of the client’s soul.

Chakra balancing involves working with the seven main energy centers in the body to promote balance and harmony and that the life-force can powerfully flow through them. In Shamanic energy medicine we are working with spirit guides, ancestors and other spiritual beings to assist in the tracking and healing process. The goal of this type of healing is, to help the client achieve a state of balance and harmony within themselves and with the world around them. It promotes inner stability and helps to develop the intuitive skills.

Energy Medicine – Basic Session

  • Room preparation for creating sacred space
  • Introductory conversation with anamnesis
  • Chakra testing to identify disbalances, cleansing of the chakras and final energization (shamanic illumination)
  • Deepening conversation with the use of oracle cards
    (e.g. shamanic soul oracle, starseed oracle, etc.)
  • Final discussion with consultation

Price: 111 € for 60 min. / 150 € for 90 min. (+ statutory VAT)


Special session for purpose-driven pioneers: Energy reboot and transformative power for your journey

Energy reboot session to bring you in the most powerful energetic state for your transformation. Testing, cleansing and illuminating of your chakras (energy centers) through shamanic energy medicine techniques. Teaching of simple ways, how you can access your inner world and establish a heart-brain coherence, as well as how to build a toroidal field for being able to access the source for manifestations.
Get yourself prepared with the most powerful transformative energy!

Price: 333 Euro for a 90 min. 1:1 session (+ statutory VAT) 

(Full menu available after contact. All sessions possible as virtual sessions)

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