Transformational Coaching for leaders

With my strong intuitive skills, my personal experience in business, my own transformation and a combination of advanced coaching techniques, powerful energy medicine and modern quantum physics in different variants and depths, I support you to reach your most powerful state of being and to become your true self, the divine AUTHENTIC YOU.

Challenges you might have right now:

  • What is my soul mission and how can I align my life accordingly to live a purpose-driven life?
  • What are the goals who perfectly support what I love to create in life? (Means vs. End goals)
  • What is my authentic self and how can I live that true version of myself in all situations of life?
  • How can I become indistractable and live life from the present moment with full awareness?
  • What are my limiting beliefs which are blocking me from being more successful and happy?
  • How can I get out of fight or flight mode to reduce stress and can establish a good heart connection?
  • How can I develop a higher consciousness level to manage the transformation into the new world?
  • How can I become a more spiritual person, where to start – how to establish a routine?

My coaching methodology for transformational journeys will help you to reactivate your passion, realise your dreams and realign your life.

I combine advanced coaching techniques, powerful energy medicine and modern quantum physics in different variants and depths. The coaching program will be individually defined, based on where you are now and what you exactly want to achieve with this change. But to illustrate, what the content could be, here an overview on the generally used methods:

  • All my sessions, no matter if coaching, mentoring or energy medicine, start with creating a sacred space for the room by cleaning the energy and raise the frequency level, to offer a safe space for each client where the best foundation is set so that deep connection and transformation can happen.
  • Before going into conversation, I offer a short breathing or meditation exercise, to be able to go out of possible fight-or-flight-mode or stress and come into a more relaxed state of mind and better inner connection.
  • After having established a good soul connection, I start with the The 3 Most Important Questions and for a deeper understanding of a clients soul purpose, I propose an exercise based on Ikigai, a Japanese Philosophy and methodology to identify “the reason for living” or I conduct a Clean Space Process, an efficient and effective working method developed by David Grove, which uses physical space to represent an individual’s mental landscape. It stimulates creativity, helps to explore and understand even complex thoughts and emotions and limits the influence by the leading person to a minimum.

Next start of my coaching program: 
August 2024

 12 weeks coaching program with 6 modules and weekly virtual 1:1 sessions

It’s time to become the best version of yourself !

In our 1:1 coaching sessions, I will guide you through a process, which will let you reach your most powerful state of being, your true authentic self.

You will see, who you really are and what opportunities you have, according to your soul purpose and live in the highest expression of your soul on your individual mission here on earth.

That is exactly what I was going through in the last 3-5 years on my transformational journey, where I became “whole” again. I now live a life in peace, harmony and best health ever, with a healed soul and body through shamanic energy medicine and with the help of a LifeCoach and Shaman.

I now want others to participate from my experience and learnings along my way, having transitioned from three decades of corporate experience to building my own business as an entrepreneur. Live my dreams with all my soul power and in full authenticity on my soul mission.

I have a strong understanding of what it means to truly thrive in our professional lives in a way that not only complements our personal lives, but lifts up our full life experience and that of the people around of us.

The World needs Authentic Leaders!

It’s time to follow your passion and realise your dreams.
Why not starting today ?



A special session for purpose-driven pioneers and all who seek for powerful change in life.

Have a perfect start for your transformational journey with a Check on your Chakras and an Energy Reboot :

Enjoy a safe space of high frequent energy, where you feel relaxed and calm for your testing, cleansing and illumination of your chakras (energy centers) through shamanic energy medicine, so that lifeforce can more powerfully flow through you. Let me show you easy ways, how you can access your inner world and establish heart-brain coherence and how you can generate an energetic toroidal field to get connection to the source, for supporting your manifestation work.

Get yourself prepared with powerful transformative energy from a master practitioner of energy medicine and meta-physical expert!

Price: 333 Euro (+ statutory VAT) for a 90 min. 1:1 session (also as virtual session)

“Nobody changes until the energy changes. If you change your energy, you change your life.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

Frequent Questions

What is Clean Space?

Clean Space was developed by David Grove (1950-2008) and is a coaching technique that involves using physical space to represent an individual’s mental landscape.

The method involves asking the individual to physically place different aspects of their experience in different areas of the room, allowing them to gain new perspectives and insights.

The physical movement and placement of objects helps to create a spatial representation of the individual’s inner world, making it easier to explore and understand complex thoughts and emotions.

This method can be particularly helpful for exploring complex or challenging issues that may be difficult to articulate through traditional coaching techniques.

By using the Clean Space method, coaches can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their experiences, leading to greater self-awareness and personal growth. It is also used for working with patients.

What is Ikigai?

The Ikigai method is a Japanese concept that helps individuals identify their soul purpose or reason for being. The word “ikigai” roughly translates to “reason for living” or “purpose in life.”

The method involves four key elements: what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. By finding the intersection of these four elements, individuals can discover their unique sense of purpose and fulfillment
The method encourages individuals to reflect on their passions, skills, and values, as well as the needs of the world around them.

It also emphasizes the importance of finding balance and harmony in life. By using the Ikigai method, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their purpose, which can lead to greater fulfillment and satisfaction in life.

It is also used by coaches and mentors for working with clients to explore their personal and professional goals.

What is Kundalini Yoga practice - Kriya (Meditation)?

Kundalini Yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on awakening the dormant energy, known as Kundalini. Kundalini energy is the ultimate life-force you generate through the meditation exercise, which works the way through your chakras up to the crown of the head like a deep intelligence and expresses itself through your life and these meditations are helping to facilitate that.

It is the source of our creative power and spiritual gifts and divine feminine energy. Practicing Kundalini Yoga combines physical postures, breathwork, chanting and meditation, to activate and balance the chakras or energy center in the body, to expand consciousness and reach a state of lightness, joy and boundless love. Anyone can do it, regardless of age, gender or any physical limitations which may be present. The practice can be incorporated into daily routine to create a consistent self-care practice which supports overall well-being and to be able to stay in a higher state of mind.

Kundalini Yoga and meditation can be excellent tools for coaching clients to activate their life-force. In just five minutes this dynamic meditation will oxygenate your blood, help you feel vital, rebooted and uplifted and let you access a higher state of mind. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety for feeling more centered and grounded and to increase self-awareness for a deeper understanding of patterns and behaviours. Kundalini Yoga and meditation can also help clients tap into their intuition and creativity, which let them become more focused and productive in their work

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