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“I Wanted to Heal the World, so I Healed Myself First.”

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How We Can Improve the Quality of Care through Better Selfcare and Higher Vibration.

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In our fast-paced, ever-evolving healthcare environment, the demands on our healthcare professionals—doctors, nurses, psychologists and spiritual healers—are greater than ever. As leaders and caregivers, we strive to provide the best possible care to our patients, addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. However, how often do we turn this compassionate lens inward, towards ourselves?

The Healer’s Own Journey

The essence of true healing lies in the healer’s own journey of self-discovery and self-care. To heal the world, we must first heal ourselves. This concept is not just philosophical but deeply practical, rooted in the understanding that a healer can only give what they possess within. If we, as healthcare professionals, are to serve our patients effectively, we must cultivate empathy, compassion and a high-frequency vibration of love and healing within ourselves and avoid to project or own wounds to the other person. We should always keep in mind that we are spiritual beings in a human experience.

Why the Level of Frequency Matters in Patient Conversations

Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness is a profound tool that illustrates the varying levels of human consciousness and their corresponding emotions. According to Hawkins, emotions like shame, guilt, and anger calibrate at lower frequencies, while love, joy, and peace resonate at higher, more healing frequencies. When healthcare professionals operate from higher frequency emotions, the impact on patient care can be transformative.

Imagine two different interactions with a patient:

  1. Interaction from Anger and Stress: A healthcare provider, overwhelmed and unhealed, might approach a stressed patient with impatience, perhaps even frustration. The patient, already in a vulnerable state, could sense this negative energy, leading to a decrease in trust and openness. Healing becomes more challenging in this environment.
  2. Interaction from Love and Compassion: Conversely, a provider who has healed their own wounds and operates from a place of love and compassion can offer a safe, nurturing space for the patient. This provider listens deeply, empathizes, and connects on a human and spiritual level. The patient feels seen, heard, and valued, creating a fertile ground for true healing.

How can we Improve the Quality of Care in the Healthcare Systems?

To become wholehearted healers, we must prioritize our own healing journey. This requires a commitment to self-care, regular reflection and professional support, whether through therapy, spiritual guidance, additional education in holistic healing approaches or other means. By addressing our own wounds and raising our vibrational frequency, we not only enhance our well-being but also elevate the quality of care we provide.

Healthcare systems should advocate for and facilitate this holistic approach to caregiver well-being. Incorporating regular psychological support, spiritual development and self-care practices into the professional lives of healthcare workers can lead to a more compassionate and effective healthcare environment. The collaboration with experts who know about energy management and frequency medicine would support additionally in raising the consciousness level about future medical care and how to meet the requirements for working with higher vibrational awakened beings.

What can Healthcare Leadership do to Support a Healthier Environment?

Here is where leadership in healthcare plays a crucial role. As leaders, we must champion a culture that values and supports the self-care and holistic development of our staff. Encourage regular training sessions on emotional intelligence, empathy, and compassion. Provide access to counseling and spiritual guidance. Foster a work environment where self-care is not seen as an indulgence but as a vital component of professional competency.

For instance, implementing regular wellness programs, providing coaching programs, creating spaces for meditation and reflection, and encouraging open conversations about emotional and spiritual health can make a significant difference. As we heal and grow, we become better equipped to guide our patients through their own healing journeys and support them in the best way possible.

Call to Action

In embracing this holistic approach, we recognize the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit in the healing process. As we heal ourselves, we become powerful agents of change and healing for our patients and the broader community.

Let’s join hands in fostering a healthcare environment that truly embodies empathy, compassion and holistic well-being. Follow me on SHAMANU World and LinkedIn for more insights and discussions on the future of medicine and health. Together, we can create a world where both, healers and patients thrive, grounded in love and compassion.

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