International Day of Biological Diversity May 22

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How to adress the current biodiversity crisis. Personally. Sponsoring a cow?

The Hutanger-Concept is indeed contributing to better Biological Diversity. But, what is a “Hutanger”?

My love for the cultural landscape in my home region Franconia led me to support a “Hutanger project” and “Hutanger-Cow” sponsorship to cover the costs of feed and care during the winter and thus contribute to the preservation of these beautiful landscapes and biodiversity. It was wonderful to watch “Freya” running into the pasture and grazing out in nature, when the herd of cows were put out again in May (see picture). Der Bavarian broadcasting station (BR) did a very nice short documentary about the event:

The Hutanger in the Hersbrucker Alb represent a near-natural cultural landscape and are pastures with a long tradition. In former times the village shepherd drove the cattle of the village community to these “eternal pastures”. Today, the Hutanger can be recognized by mighty stands of oak trees, old fruit tree structures or diverse flowering meadow grasslands. A total area of about 500 hectares and more than 120 individual areas in the district of Nuremberg, the stock of Hutanger is unique in Germany in terms of quantity and quality. The project is about preserving the historic pasture areas and developing them further in terms of sustainable regional development, nature conservation and biodiversity. Location and more information about the Hutanger can be found on the Internet at .

How can we stop the negative trend in biodiversity and ecosystems as humanity?

This is one example how you as a person can make an impact for better Biological Diversity.  And of course, there is more needed to address the crisis and protect current species. Here are several measures what humanity can do to positively change the situation:

  1. Conservation Efforts: Establishing and expanding protected areas, national parks and wildlife reserves can provide safe havens for endangered species. Conservation organizations, governments and individuals need to collaborate in safeguarding these areas.
  2. Sustainable Land Use: Promoting sustainable land use practices, such as responsible agriculture and forestry, can help minimize habitat destruction and maintain ecosystem health.
  3. Reduce Carbon Emissions: Taking effective action to mitigate climate change is crucial. This includes transitioning to renewable energy sources, promoting energy efficiency and adopting sustainable transportation methods.
  4. Combat Pollution: Implementing stringent regulations to reduce pollution from industries and promoting sustainable waste management practices are essential steps in protecting biodiversity.
  5. Responsible Consumption: Making informed choices as consumers can have a positive impact on biodiversity. Supporting sustainably sourced products, reducing single-use plastics and practicing responsible tourism can contribute to conservation efforts.
  6. Education and Awareness: Raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the need for its protection is essential. Education, public campaigns and community engagement can help inspire action and foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

It’s important to note that these measures require a collective effort from individuals, communities, governments and international organizations to effectively address the current biodiversity crisis and protect the incredible array of species on our planet. Everyone is called to take action and make a difference.

What about if you just start seeing nature with loving eyes and an open heart. Try and see what happens…

If you want to read more about the International Day for Biological Diversity you can find the UN website with this link:

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