Bühne auf dem Open Forum in Davos 2023 mit 6 leeren weißen Stühlen

3 days at the World Economic Forum (WEF) – Open Forum 2023

by | 15. May 2023 | Leadership, Sustainability

with the theme “Committed to improving the state of the world”

Here are a few impressions incl. a pic of my daily bus adventure. More posts will follow. So much to say…

The 3 key words – next to climate change – I heard most often:


3 statements in connection with climate change I find important:

“The biggest driver of health issues is climate change.” Alan Dangour

“The indigenous territories are suffering from the Green Transition.” Helena Gualinga

“When we talk about climate change we talk about CO2 mostly but forget about the ecosystems which are crucial.” Virginijus Sinkevicius

3 key learnings when we want to be successful in our transformation:

  • Involve the Youth to find future solutions and fight “eco-anxiety”.
  • Society must be ready for climate actions, we need good stories.
  • People must be reconnected to mother nature and feel the planet.

Or like Jim Hagemann Snabe (Chairman Siemens AG, WEF board of Trustees) said at the Open Forum: “I’m tired of talking about climate change. I’m tired about climate protests. I like the approach to just go into action, roll up my sleeves and work on inventions and implementation.” Click here for the replay of the session “Mobilizing for Climate”.

Final conclusion: what the media show us about the WEF in Davos is desperately missing the information about the excellent Open Forum talks, with so many highly talented young people, senior experts and interesting ideas and solutions for the fight against climate change. I’m so grateful for have been able to participate and can only hardly recommend to you, to watch all the Open Forum Talks which you can find here: https://lnkd.in/eg-UVJZB

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